January 17, 2019

Work Session
Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

Times set forth are approximate and may be adjusted as necessary.

10:30  AM Agenda Review
01:00  PM Election of Officers; Consideration of Bylaws; Committee Appointments and Adoption of 2019 Meeting Schedule (Adrienne Garreau, Scott District, Sponsor; Holly Meade, Assistant Director, Staff)
01:15  PM Commissioners' Time

Regular Meeting
Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186
6:30 PM

1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES  -  December 20, 2018 (Adrienne Garreau, Scott District, Sponsor; Meredith Meixner, Planning Associate, Staff)
2. NOTE: THIS IS A PUBLIC MEETING WHERE COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC WILL BE ACCEPTED, BUT NOT A PUBLIC HEARING. Subdivision Ordinance Waiver WAIV-18-010180 - Lot 55-R, Canterbury Village - An Application to Waive the Requirements of Subdivision Ordinance Section 8-1(C) Related to the Installation of a Pedestrian Trail (PIN 6971-35-8978-000, Lee District) (Full House Investments, LLC, Owner/Applicant, Sponsor; Kara Krantz, Planner I, Staff)
3. FY 2020-2024 Capital Improvement Plan (Adrienne Garreau, Scott District, Sponsor; Andrew Hopewell, Assistant Chief of Planning, Staff)

Public Hearings
Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

The Planning Commission provides this time for citizens wishing to share their ideas and concerns with the Commission. This does not include comments on public hearing items as there will be opportunity when we reach those agenda items. Citizens wishing to address the Planning Commission should provide their name and residential address. Citizens' comments are limited to three minutes unless a large number of citizens wish to speak; in which case, the time limit must be reduced to accommodate all who wish to address the Planning Commission.
This is a public hearing to allow the Commission to gather information from interested citizens on the agenda items. Citizens may speak in reference to each item on the agenda for a time usually limited to three (3) minutes. Commissioners and staff may ask questions of anyone attending the hearing. Speakers are asked not to direct questions or comments to each other. Speakers are not allowed additional time for rebuttal. This is a hearing, not a debate. Questions may be directed to Commissioners and staff informally after adjournment or during office hours to the Community Development staff.
3. A Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Article 3 Related to Landing Strips - The proposed text amendment would allow a private-use landing strip that has been in operation as of May 19, 1981, and not been discontinued for a period of two years, to be deemed a non-conforming use in the Conservation (RC) or Agriculture (RA) districts, where the landing strip has not been expanded since May 19, 1981. (Richard Gerhardt, Cedar Run District Supervisor, Sponsor; Heather Jenkins, Assistant Chief, Zoning/Development Services, Staff)
4. Rezoning REZN-18-009938 - Gaskins Lane Rezoning - An Application to Rezone Approximately 10.89 Acres with Proffers from Commercial Neighborhood (C-1) to Industrial Park (I-1) (PIN 7922-93-8736-000, Cedar Run District) - A rezoning, from the Commercial Neighborhood (C-1) district to the Industrial Park (I-1) district, is proposed for a 10.89-acre property located at 3131 Gaskins Lane (Route 796) in Catlett. The applicant has volunteered eight proffers which include, notably, a restriction on permitted uses, a maximum of 90,000 square feet of building area on the property, a dedication of public right-of-way, a commitment to pave 140 feet of Route 796, a commitment to conduct a Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) prior to future development, and a potential commitment to connect to public sewer. (Catlett Investment, LLC, Owner/Applicant, Sponsor; Josh Frederick, Senior Planner, Staff)
5. Amended: Special Exception SPEX-18-010315 - Hume Tower - An Application for a Category 20 Special Exception to Construct a 145 foot Telecommunications Tower and Associated Equipment Compound (PIN 6928-35-5465-000, Marshall District) - The applicants are requesting a Special Exception to construct a 145 foot monopole tower and an associated equipment compound.  All tower requests exceeding 80 feet in height require a Special Exception.  In addition, a new telecommunications facility, not concealed as a silo, must be surrounded by at least 100 feet of wooded area on all sides.  The proposed site would be located within an open area without trees, further requiring the Special Exception.  The property is located at 5060 Leeds Manor Road, Hume. (Charles P. Fuller, Owner/Calvert Crossland LLC and Verizon Wireless, Applicants, Sponsor; Wendy Wheatcraft, Senior Planner, Staff)
6. Amended: Special Exception SPEX-18-010313 - Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (USA) - Jalsa Site - An Application for a Category 9 Special Exception to Annually Allow up to one Class B Event with a Maximum of 5,000 Attendees and three Class C Events with a Maximum of 1,000 Attendees (PIN 7903-24-5454-000, 7903-22-4502-000, 7903-12-0658-000, 6993-92-3603-000, 6993-73-3922-000, 6993-52-3737-000, and 6993-52-2616-000, Cedar Run District) - The Applicant is requesting a Category 9 Special Exception to annually allow up to one Class B Event with a maximum of 5,000 Attendees and three Class C Events with a maximum of 1,000 attendees.  The Class B event is proposed to be held once annually in the summer, typically July; the three requested Class C events will typically be held between August and October.  All events will be three day family-oriented spiritual retreats with prayer, speakers, food and fellowship.  They are proposed to occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and will utilize temporary structures and facilities. (Oak Creek Farm, LLC, Terrina M. Baker, and Richard B. Wheeler (Owners)/Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Inc., USA (Applicant), Sponsor; Adam Shellenberger, Chief of Planning, Staff)