May 18, 2017

Work Session
Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

Times set forth are approximate and may be adjusted as necessary.

12:00  PM Marshall Code
01:30  PM Comprehensive Plan Amendment - Chapter 10 - Transportation (Adrienne Garreau, Scott District, Sponsor; Marie Pham, Transportation Planner, Staff)
02:30  PM Agenda Review
04:30  PM Commissioners' Time

Regular Meeting
Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186
6:30 PM

1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES  -  April 17, 2017 and April 20, 2017 (Adrienne Garreau, Scott District, Sponsor; Meredith Meixner, Administrative Specialist, Staff)
2. Amended: Special Exception - SPEX-17-006634 - Howling Hill Kennels, LLC - An Application for a Category 13 Special Exception to Allow the Continued Operation of a Kennel (PIN 7829-81-1018-000, Cedar Run District) (Alvin C. and Emma Brenneman, Owners/Applicants, Sponsor; Myles Busching, Planner I, Staff)

Public Hearings
Warren Green Building, First Floor Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

The Planning Commission provides this time for citizens wishing to share their ideas and concerns with the Commission. This does not include comments on public hearing items as there will be opportunity when we reach those agenda items. Citizens wishing to address the Planning Commission should provide their name and residential address. Citizens' comments are limited to three minutes unless a large number of citizens wish to speak; in which case, the time limit must be reduced to accommodate all who wish to address the Planning Commission.
This is a public hearing to allow the Commission to gather information from interested citizens on the agenda items. Citizens may speak in reference to each item on the agenda for a time usually limited to three (3) minutes. Commissioners and staff may ask questions of anyone attending the hearing. Speakers are asked not to direct questions or comments to each other. Speakers are not allowed additional time for rebuttal. This is a hearing, not a debate. Questions may be directed to Commissioners and staff informally after adjournment or during office hours to the Community Development staff.
3. Amended: A Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Articles 6 and 15 to Update and Clarify the Standards for Ponds and to Add a Definition for "Pond" - The Zoning Ordinance currently allows a pond as an accessory use/structure in all zoning districts.  Staff seeks to amend Section 6-102.24 as it relates to Ponds to update the current text to conform with Federal/State permitting requirements and clarify the County permitting process.  In addition, a definition of "Pond" is proposed to be added to Article 15. (John Meadows, Lee District, Sponsor; Rob Walton, Assistant Chief of Zoning and Development Services, Staff)
4. Amended: A Subdivision Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 4 and a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Articles 2 and 15 Regarding Lot Shape - Staff is asking that the Planning Commission consider this text amendment to move lot shape requirements from the Subdivision Ordinance to the Zoning Ordinance and to further clarify these requirements.  (Staff, Sponsor; Heather Jenkins L.A., Senior Planner, Staff)
5. Amended: A Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Article 5 to Change the Standards for Adaptive Re-Use to Address Relocated and Reconstructed Historic Buildings Placed on a Property - The existing adaptive use provisions address adaptive use of historic buildings in the rural and residential districts for a variety of additional uses. The provisions, as written, do not contemplate utilization of an historic structure that is reconstructed on a property or relocated to a property. The proposed text amendment will authorize adaptive uses in historic structures that are reconstructed and relocated, subject to Special Exception approval with new standards addressing this type of adaptive use. (Staff, Sponsor; Kimberley Johnson, Chief/Zoning & Development Services, Staff)
6. Amended: Comprehensive Plan Amendment COMA-16-004478 - Vint Hill Village - An Application for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Change the Designation of 61.89 Acres From Planned Industrial Development to Medium Density Residential (Up to 6 Units Per Acre); Adjust the Boundary and Location of the Village Center Containing 40.18 Acres; and Remove the School Site Previously Designated (PIN 7915-45-3347-000, 7915-65-5274-000, 7915-65-5084-000, 7915-74-0847-000, 7915-75-5373-000, 7915-74-7317-000, 7915-74-8920-000, 7815-54-0780-000, 7915-74-8663-000, 7915-64-2507-000, 7915-44-5729-000, 7915-74-6958-000, 7915-55-1560-000, 7915-53-3758-000, 7915-55-3486-000, and 7915-55-8048-000, Scott District) - The Applicant is seeking approval of a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the New Baltimore Service District. The application proposes to change the designation of 61.89 acres in Vint Hill from Planned Industrial District to Medium Density Residential, provide a specific location for the Village Center, as well as remove the previously designated school site. The Applicant states the purpose of such an amendment would be to create a residential area linking existing residential neighborhoods in the area to the proposed Village Center. The properties are located in the New Baltimore Service District at the Intersection of Aiken Drive and Kennedy Road. (Dreamweaver Holding Company, LLC; Vint Hill Entertainment, LLC; Building 2500, LLC; Impact Area #8, LLC; Farm Station, LLC; Fauquier County; Triumph Baptist Church; and Building 2400, LLC, Owners/Vint Hill Village, LLC, Applicant, Sponsor; Holly Meade, Chief of Planning, Staff)


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