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Jocelyn L. Alexander (Appellant) June 3, 2021
Staff Lead: Division:
Amy Rogers, Chief of Zoning and Development Services Zoning and Development Services Division
Appeal AZAD-21-015164 - An Appeal of a Zoning Administrator's Issuance of a Zoning Permit for the Grading of a Paved Access Road to a Proposed Barn and Grading of a Dirt Trail (PIN 6976-49-8096-000, Marshall District)
Topic Description:
The Appellant is appealing the issuance of an April 2, 2021 Zoning Permit for grading by the Zoning Administrator.  The property is located on the west side of  James Madison Highway (Route 17), The Plains, Virginia.  Note:  This is a public meeting, not a public hearing.  
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None Required.
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  • None Identified
Applicant's Appeal
Staff Response to Appeal
Appellant's Reply to Staff Response 5/25/2021
ADDED - Applicant's Response to Appellant's Reply 5/27/21
Property and Location Map
Attachment 1 - April 2, 2021 Zoning Permit
Attachment 2 - April 29, 2021 Application for Appeal
Attachment 3 - Wildcat Equestrian Farms, LLC – Statement of Opposition
Attachment 4 - Wildcat Equestrian Farms, LLC – Attachment to Statement
Attachment 5 - Wildcat Equestrian Farms, LLC – Supplemental Statement of Opposition
Attachment 6 - E&SC and SWM Plan Wildcat Farms, LLC
Attachment 7 - County Code Section 11-53
Motion to Affirm
Motion to Overturn