Sponsor: Meeting Date:
Richard Gerhardt, Cedar Run District Supervisor February 8, 2018
Staff Lead: Department:
Catherine M. Heritage, Deputy County Administrator County Administration
A Resolution To Cancel RFPP-27-18SM And Withdraw Previous Acceptance Of The Freedom Telecom Services, Inc. Unsolicited PPEA Proposal For Broadband Services
Topic Description:

Following the issuance of a non-binding, fact-finding Request for Information (RFI 66-17sm, dated April 12, 2017) entitled Design and Construction of a Fiber Optic Broadband Network, and subsequent to continuing interest by the Board of Supervisors in a solution to provide high-speed connectivity to the residents and businesses of Fauquier County, two separate interested parties submitted unsolicited PPEA proposals to the Procurement Division. Wi4ME, LLC, of McLean, Virginia, submitted on July 5, 2017; Freedom Telecom Services, Inc., of Monkton, Maryland, submitted on July 24, 2017.

In accordance with County Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act (PPEA)Policy FDP-02, both unsolicited, conceptual proposals were reviewed and evaluated by the Procurement Manager, Finance Director and F1 Computer Solutions, Inc. of Warrenton, VA, acting in the capacity of consultant and subject matter experts, using the required Proposal Review Fee from each Proposer to fund the outside consulting efforts. The results of this analysis were presented to the Board on September 14, 2017  in a closed session, to protect the integrity of the proposal process prior to Board action on each Resolution. 

On September 21, 2017, the Board of Supervisors accepted the unsolicited FTS proposal.  The County then issued RFPP-27-18sm for competing proposals.  Only one was received--again from FTS.

Because only one proposal was received and only one solution submitted, and due to management changes at FTS, the County believes it is prudent to cancel RFPP-27-18sm and withdraw its acceptance of the unsolicited FTS proposal in order to restructure the County's approach to broadband services and prepare/publish a revised approach for vendor consideration and response.
Requested Action:
Consider adoption of the attached Resolution.
Financial Impact Analysis:
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  • Finance Department
  • Office of Management and Budget