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Vint Hill Village, LLC; Dreamweaver Holding Company, LLC; Vint Hill Entertainment, LLC; Building 2500, LLC; Impact Area #8, LLC; Farm Station, LLC; Triumph Baptist Church; and Building 2400, LLC, Owners/Vint Hill Village, LLC, Applicant December 14, 2017
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Holly Meade, Assistant Director of Community Development Community Development
Comprehensive Plan Amendment COMA-16-004478 - Vint Hill Village - An Application for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Change the Designation of 61.89 Acres From Planned Industrial Development to Medium Density Residential (Up to 6 Units Per Acre); Adjust the Boundary and Location of the Village Center Containing 40.18 Acres; Remove the School Site Previously Designated; and Other Associated Changes (PIN 7915-45-3347-000, 7915-65-5274-000, 7915-65-5084-000, 7915-74-0847-000, 7915-75-5373-000, 7915-74-7317-000, 7915-74-8920-000, 7915-54-0780-000, 7915-74-8663-000, 7915-44-5729-000, 7915-74-6958-000, 7915-55-1560-000, 7915-53-3758-000, 7915-55-3486-000, and 7915-55-8048-000, Scott District)
Topic Description:
The Applicant is seeking approval of a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the New Baltimore Service District. The application proposes to change the designation of 61.89 acres in Vint Hill from Planned Industrial Development to Medium Density Residential, provide a specific location for the Village Center, as well as remove the previously designated school site and other associated revisions. The Applicant states the purpose of such an amendment would be to create a residential area linking existing residential neighborhoods in the area to the proposed Village Center. The properties are located in the New Baltimore Service District at the intersection of Aiken Drive and Kennedy Road. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on May 18, 2017 and September 21, 2017 and unanimously recommended denial of the application.  
Requested Action:
Conduct the Public Hearing and consider adoption of the attached Resolution.
Financial Impact Analysis:
Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:
  • Commissioner of the Revenue
  • Fauquier County Public Schools
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Fauquier County Parks and Recreation
  • Surrounding Homeowners' Associations
Staff Report
New Material: Cover Letter Dated November 20, 2017
New Material: Applicant Proposed Changes to New Baltimore Service District Plan Dated November 27, 2017
Statement of Justification Revised July 21, 2017
Adopted New Baltimore Service District Land Use Map
Proposed New Baltimore Service District Land Use Map
Comment Response Dated July 21, 2017
Vint Hill Village Study, John Burns Real Estate Consulting, June 29, 2017
Vint Hill Village Market Study, Metrostudy, A Hanley Wood Company, July 3, 2017
Market & Fiscal Impacts Analyses: Vint Hill Village, S. Patz & Associates, July 2017
Market Analysis Summary Memorandum, July 21, 2017
Vint Hill Village Illustrative Plan, Prepared by Dewberry, April 10, 2017
Color Rendering of Aiken Drive
1/2 Mile Radius Exhibit, Dewberry, May 31, 2017
Revised Trip Generation, Kittleson, July 21, 2017
Fiscal Impacts Analysis Dated June 28, 2016
Traffic Impact Analysis Dated June 2016
Comments - CFFC May 15, 2017
Comments - CFFC September 18, 2017
Comments - Donaldson September 19, 2017
Comments - Daily September 21, 2017
Letter from John Foote - Break Even Value November 2, 2017
Letter from John Foote - "Retail Apocalypse" November 2, 2017
Resolution of Denial
Letter of Withdrawal 12/14/2017